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Welcome to the LibGuide for the Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database

Opposing Viewpoints is a library database that covers today's hottest controversial social issues, from capital punishment to immigration, to marajuana. This database offers informed, differing views on each side of an issue. It includes: viewpoint articles, topic overviews, magazine, academic journal, and newspaper articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, podcasts, links to Web sites.

How to Search Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints Homepage

On the homepage of the Opposing Viewpoints database, beneath the header image, you can find a list of featured topics.  Topics are organized by category so if you select "View All" (to the right of the category) you can see all topics in that category.  At the top right, you can find featured video and below that, featured news.  In the featured news section, you can select a publication to see all of the articles in that publication.  At the top left, you can select "browse issues" to see a complete list of all of the categories and topics the database covers.  To select a topic, you can either find a topic from the browse issues link or from the featured topics.  Clicking on a topic will bring you to a topic page, such as the topic page below for Genetically Modified Food.

On the topic page, you can access documents and multimedia on your topic.  Each topic page has: a topic overview, viewpoint articles including featured viewpoints selected by editors, full text newspaper, magazine and academic journal articles, reference materials, statistics, images, videos, audio clips, and links to useful websites.  You can read the topic overview to get more ideas for search terms.  You can further refine your topic query by using the advanced search menu.

To search for a topic, you can enter terms into the search box at the top.  To do an advanced search, select "Advanced" to the right of the search box.  Advanced searches allow you to better target your search such as searching by publication, author, or selecting only peer-reviewed journals.  To the right of the advanced search button, you can select "Bookmark" to copy and paste a link to a page or to e-mail a link.  Further to the right, you can select "More" to find additional tools such as highlights and notes, my folder (a folder with your saved items), search history, a dictionary, and a help section.  

For more information about how to search in Opposing Viewpoints please see the User's Guide.

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