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Coca Cola Ad -- 1900

TV ad


These are some things to consider when evaluating an ad campaign:

  • What products are being promoted?
  • What is the company’s philosophy and how is it relevant to its advertising? How is that philosophy conveyed? Presenting facts?  Using imagery?  Is the message overt or subliminal?
  • What are the characteristics of the targeted demographic?  (Age?  Gender?  Ethnicity?  Social class? Educational level?  A combination of characteristics?)
  • How does the campaign tailor its words, phrases, or imagery to attract the desired demographic?  Does it appeal to reason, emotion, or both?
  • Your textbook (pp. 464-465) refers to motivation (drives, urges, wishes, or desires), cognition (perception memory judging, thinking, and so on), and learning (changes in behavior relative to external stimulus conditions that occur over time). How does the company’s advertising address motivation, cognition, and/or learning?
  • What media has the company used to convey its message?  (Print? Television? Radio? YouTube? Social media? Something else?)  Why choose one medium over another?  What results has the company experienced when using a particular medium?