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Welcome to The Criminal Justice Program Libguide!  This web page is designed to give you easy access to the fundamental resources for your classes and reliable information written, read and researched by professionals in the criminal justice field. Within this site, you will find links, tools, recommended readings and professional organizations helpful to your studies and professional employment.  So don’t wait until the last minute to get ahead on your academic goals - begin navigating with ease through this virtual site filled with essential justice components!

"Justice may be blind, but she has very sophisticated listening devices."

                                                                          - Edward Argo

Photo:  "Bureau of Identification, Justice Department." Files of the National Bureau of Criminal Identification, forerunner of today's FBI. Washington, January 1925. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.

Researching Criminal Justice in Ebsco Discovery Services (EDS)

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EDS allows you to limit your search within the scope of your subject area. In this case opening the link above will take you to an advance search engine within the subject of  Computer Science.  



Note that the result lists' first offering is Ebsco's "Research Starter" subject overview for Criminal Justice:

Criminal Justice Research Starter (EDS)

The American criminal justice system is a multilayered complex that interconnects courts, law-enforcement agencies, and corrections of federal, state, and local governments in the common goal of reducing crime, punishing wrongdoers, and rehabilitating offenders.Crime is found in all societies, and every culture develops its own mechanisms to control and prevent it. The ways in which the different peoples of the world confront crime vary considerably. Great dissimilarities can be found in the very definitions of what constitute illegal acts and in the variety of methods used to judge and punish criminals. The ways that a society employs to confront crime often reflect the society’s political and cultural values. There are numerous Research Starter articles related to this topic. The  U.S. Supreme Courtthe court systemlaw enforcement, and  juvenile court are just a few examples of related topics associated with Criminal Justice.

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The following databases focus specifically on criminal justice or different aspects of the industry.

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Journal of Criminal Justice

The Journal of Criminal Justice is an international journal intended to fill the present need for the dissemination of new information, ideas and methods, to both practitioners and academicians in the criminal justicearea. The Journal is concerned with all aspects of the criminal justice system in terms of their relationships to each other. Although materials are presented relating to crime and the individual elements of the criminal justice system, the emphasis of the Journal is to tie together the functioning of these elements and to illustrate the effects of their interactions. Articles that reflect the application of new disciplines or analytical methodologies to the problems of criminal justice are of special interest.