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Welcome to the Multimedia Communication Design Program Libguide!  This web page is designed to give you easy access to the fundamental resources for your classes and reliable information written, read and researched by professionals in multimedia communication design fields. Within this site, you will find links, tools, recommended readings and professional organizations helpful to your studies and also professional employment.  So don’t wait until the last minute to get ahead on your academic goals, begin navigating with ease through this virtual site filled with essential multimedia communication design components!

Photo: Los Angeles CA, Grauman's Chinese Theater (Hollywood movie palace)

"The strong man is the one who is able to intercept at will the communication between the senses and the mind."

                                                                                                                                       -- Napoleon Bonaparte

Researching Multimedia in our Cumulative Search Engine, Ebsco Discovery Service ED

Ebsco Discovery Service, EDS Multimedia Subject Search

EDS allows you to limit your search within the scope of your subject area. In this case opening the link above will take you to an advanced search engine within the subject of Multimedia. 

Note that the result lists' first offering is Ebsco's "Research Starter" subject overview for Multimedia.

Multimedia Research Starter (EDS)

Multimedia is a broad term that describes various entertainment and educational experiences, particularly those found in software or on the Internet. Multimedia is a portmanteau of multiple and media, in which media refers to any one of a number of means of communication, whether it be print, video, audio, digital, or interactive. Multimedia owes its inception as much to the art world as well as to early computer technology.

The tutorial below shows how to further narrow your search.

Recommended Databases

Access library resources from off-campus with your Student I.D. number. Your Student I.D. number is your library card number. 

If you are on campus, just click any database below for access. 

The Databases below focus specifically on multimedia communication design subjects. Their holdings are indexed and retrieved in our Ebsco Discover Service EDS (the box to the left) but you are welcome to search them individually:

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