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Welcome to The Management Program Libguide!

How To Use This Guide!

Welcome to The Management Program Libguide! Use the tabs at the top of the page to find information supplied by leading professional organizations in the management industry. This source is designed to help you with access to reliable and essential resources found in articles provided by online scholarly journals and databases as well as trusted websites for classes. Please note the provided suggested search terms. If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact the author of this guide.

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Researching Management in our Cumulative Search Engine, Ebsco Discovery Service EDS

Recommended Databases

Access library resources from off-campus with your Student I.D. number. Your Student I.D. number is your library card number. 

If you are on campus, just click any database below for access. 

The following databases focus specifically on business and management  or different aspects of the field. Try searching your specific subject or any of the suggest subject headings listed on the left.

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Suggested Search Terms

Examples of search terms or subject headings to use when searching the Library's collections.
  • Administration
  • Audit, Management ; Management auditing ; Operation audits ; Operational auditing ; Operations auditing
  • Public Relations 
  • Business Records (instead  of records)
  • Federal Aid to Business Research 
  • Applications for positions ( instead of job hunting)
  • Business Relocation ( instead of  Business removal or moving business)
  • Industries-Social aspects (instead of social aspects in business)
  • Social responsibilities of business (instead of social responsibility) 
  •  Commercial statistics (instead of business statistics or statistical methods)
  • Business education (instead of study and teaching)
  •  Business Tax (instead of tax)
  • Art and business (instead of Business and art)
  • Industries- Social aspects (instead of Business and social problems)
  • Chinese language-Business Chinese (instead of Chinese Business)
  • Executive coaching (instead of Business coaching)
  • Consolidation and merger of corporations (instead of merger or business combination)
  • Architecture-Conservation and restoration-Business community (instead of Architectural Conservation and Restoration or Business community Conservation and Restoration)