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Welcome to The Interior Design Program Libguide!  This web page is designed to give you easy access to the fundamental resources for your classes and reliable information written, read and researched by professionals in the Interior Design field. Within this site, you will find links, tools, recommended readings and professional organizations helpful to your studies and also professional employment.  So don’t wait till the last minute to get ahead on your academic goals, begin navigating with ease through this virtual site filled with essential communication components!

Photo: Brooklyn Museum. DH '58: Design for the Home Exhibition Dates: March 5, 1958 through April 27, 1958       

"The desire for symmetry, for balance, for rhythm is one of the most inveterate of human instincts."
                                                           -- Edith Wharton and Ogden Codman, Jr, The Decoration of Houses

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Recommended Databases

Access library resources from off-campus with your Student I.D. number. Your Student I.D. number is your library card number. 

If you are on campus, just click any database below for access. 

The following databases focus specifically on interior design or different aspects of the industry.


Research Tip

How to find books for Interior Design in the stacks

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Official Classification: 700 --> The arts; fine & decoration

Suggested Number Ranges

745 --> Decorative Arts

746 --> Textile Arts

747 --> Interior Decoration 

748 --> Glass

749 --> Furniture & Accessories

For more information about Dewey Classifications for Art related materials, click here!

Library of Congress Classification

Official Classification: N --> The arts

Suggested Subclass and Number Ranges:

NK 1-9990 --> Decorative Arts

NK 1700-2195 --> Interior Decoration. House Decoration

NK 1700-2138 --> General. History, etc. Including Special Rooms

For more information about LoC Classifications for Art related materials, click here!

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Interior Design

Interior Design is the first place design professionals—from architects to interior designers to manufacturers—go for inspiration and ideas. The brand highlights the industry’s most groundbreaking projects, innovative new products and brilliant people through its striking magazine, robust digital presence (including an up-to-the-minute website, videos and a mobile app) and in-person experiences.

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