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Helpful Tips for Using EBSCO eBooks

Tip #1: If you view an eBook in EPUB format rather than PDF format, the EPUB format allows you to increase the size of the font.  This is helpful when viewing eBooks on smart phones and tablets.

Tip #2: If you open some eBooks in either PDF or EPUB format, you can generate citations for sections of the eBook by copying and pasting excerpts into a Word document. 

How to Download an eBook from the Catalog onto a Kindle:

2. Next find the eBook in the catalog.
3. Select the link that says "Download (Offline)".
4. Next create a My EBSCOhost account.
5. Select the yellow button that says "Checkout & Download".  A file should be downloaded to your desktop.  
6. Click on the file and it should open in Adobe Digital Editions.  
7. Finally, plug in your Kindle and drag the file onto your Kindle. 

How to Download a Chapter of an eBook from the Catalog as a PDF

1. Search for an eBook of interest in the catalog.
2. Click a PDF or EPUB Full Text link to view the eBook.  
3. In the eBook Viewer, click the Download icon  in the Contents column for the chapter you would like to download.

4. Select a page range to download - either a current page, a page range starting with the current page, or the whole chapter.
5. Click the Download PDF button.
6. Select to Open the PDF or Save it to your computer or device and click OK.  

Searching within EBSCO eBooks in the eBook Viewer

1. Search for an eBook of interest in the catalog.
2. Click a PDF or EPUB Full Text link to view the eBook. 
3. In the eBook Viewer, click the Search Within link in the column on the left.
4. Enter your keywords in the search box and click the Magnifying Glass icon.
5. Click on a hyperlinked Keyword Match in the column on the left to go directly to the page on which your keyword appears.
6. Click the Clear Results link to clear your keywords and matches.
7. When searching within EBSCO eBooks in PDF format, every instance of your keyword matches is highlighted on the pages of the PDF.

Saving Notes on EBSCO eBooks

1. Select an eBook of interest from the catalog.
2. Click on the PDF Full Text link.  
3. Next select My Notes at the top of the column on the left.  
4. Click the +New Note button that appears in the Notes area.  (If there are existing notes, they appear in a list in the Notes area.)
5. To save your notes, sign into your EBSCOhost folder account using the Sign In link in the top toolbar.
6. Enter your note text in the field provided and click the Save button. 
7. Your saved note appears in the Notes list.

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